Best Tips to Make Your Website Conversion Ready

Are you ready to run your Google Ads for your Ecommerce Business? You have taken all the critical steps to make sure your business is set up for Google Ads accomplishment- Your brand identity is solid, your budget and time expectations are quite reasonable and your unique selling proposition is one of a different kind. It is advised you to connect with digital marketing agency in Delhi.
What is another step? Make sure your website is ready to be converted.

After all, this precious ad click will be leading customers towards your virtual front door. And we require making sure that door is open wide to welcome each visitor before we make expenses on Google Ads Campaigns.

Steps Taken by Us to Make Your Campaign a success

· Website CRO Best Practices

· Product Preparation

· Media (Images and Video)

· Lifestyle Images

· Robust Titles and Descriptions

· Live Chat

· First Up: Website CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Best Practices

· Building an eCommerce store isn’t that hard.

Carving an eCommerce store that convert? It is a separate story completely

CRO Best Practices to Make sure your website is ready to make sales:

1. Website Issues and Errors

One cannot drive the sufficient traffic to a broken website. It is important to make sure you should not catch any website issues or errors:

Frequently (atleast once a month) check your website and make sure everything is properly working and there is no high risk issues and errors. Schedule a website audit at least once a month.

2. Website Speed

The speed of the website has a massive impact on your quality score; in fact, it is considered as more crucial than content according to Google. A few things to be considered:

Mobile users are going to less tolerant of slower websites owing to the smaller size of the device and often slower connection.

3. Mobile Engagement

Approximately 60-65 percent of website clicks are through the mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Have a glimpse at your conversion path. Consider each step of your buyers journey, so you could make it effortless as it is possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist

Now let’s put these diversified practices to the action. First up, run through this CRO checklist to make sure visitors have a smooth journey to purchase from your site:

· Your email/phone number is in the header or footer

· Customers need to know they can trust you (i.e. get in touch with you)

· CTAs are in a contrast color (bold!) and easy to find

· Check out BOOM by Cindy Joseph for inspiration

· There are reviews on product pages

· Website design is appealing to your audience

· Turn anything you offer to a badge (free shipping? Make it a badge! Free returns? Badge! Much more exciting than text)

· Everything works properly

· Website is fast (under 2-3 seconds load time)

· (use PageSpeed Insights to measure this)

· Make sure the design is centered around your product and isn’t a distraction

· Website has high-quality images

· Products are described clearly with all features displayed

· Verification badges (secure payment, BBB, SSL, guarantees, free returns, etc.)

· This helps improve the trustworthiness of your site and brand

Website Speed Optimization Checklist

· Choose a “light” theme

· Scale your images properly

· Decrease the weight of your images without losing quality

· Limit the amount of plugins/apps

· Check in on your page speed

· Don’t aim for a 100/100 score—just aim for good user experience

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